School of Biological Sciences interview seminars for new Chancellors Fellows

  • When:  Monday 5 May 2014, and Tuesday 6 May, 2014
  • Time:  Monday - 9 – 12 pm; Tuesday - 10 – 12.15 pm
  • Location:  Darwin Building Lecture Theatre G10, Kings Buildings

Monday 5 May 2014

09.00:  Dr Samuel Dean, University of Oxford
"Developing a flagellar tranisition zone proteome inTrypanosome brucei"
09.30: Dr Shyam Masakapalli, University of Bath
"Systems biology of cellular metabolic networks with fluxomics"
10.00:  Dr Allison Jackson, University of Glasgow
“Deciphering host-parasite interactions during Toxoplasma invasion”
 11.00:  Dr Abdenour Soufi, University of Pennsylvania
“Modulating chromatin structure to control cell fate and cancer progression”
11.30:  Dr Natasha Mhatre (tbc), Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin
“Uncovering the origin of active mechanosensation in cooperative swimming”
12.00:  Dr Lixin Dai, Johns Hopkins University
“Studies of human-transposon interactome”
Tuesday 6 May 2014

10.00:  Dr Rupak Doshi, University of California, San Diego
“Title tba”
10.30:  Dr Yasuhiko Irie, University of Bath
“Biofilm Extracellular Polysaccharides are Novel Signalling Molecules”
11.15:  Dr Marco Saponaro, CRUK London Research Institute
“RECQL5: at the interface between transcription and genome stability”
11.45:  Dr Pedro Vale, University of Edinburgh
“The causes and consequences of individual-level variation in disease tolerance”
 There will be an opportunity for staff to provide feedback to the interview panel following the talks in Room 7.19, Michael Swann Building.

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