Roslin Institute symposium: Exploring the diversity of viruses and their patterns of emergence


1.45 Eric Carstens Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario

Session 1 chaired by Peter Simmonds

1.50 Dennis Bamford University of Helsinki
How virus classification looks through structures

2.10 David Prangishvili Institut Pasteur
Diversity of archaeal viruses

2.30 Said Ghabrial University of Kentucky
Diversity of fungal virus genomes and biological functions

2.50 Elliot Lefkowitz University of Alabama at Birmingham
Poxviruses and the evolution of an anti-immune system: the role of gene gain and gene loss

3.10 Éva Nagy University of Guelph
Adenoviruses of the avian kind

3.30 Refreshments

Session 2 chaired by Andrew Davison

3.55 Mya Breitbart University of South Florida
Sequences without particles: taxonomy in the age of metagenomics

4.15 Nick Knowles Pirbright Institute
How many picornaviruses are there?

4.35 Alexander Gorbalenya Leiden University
Why a proof-reading replicase may not be sufficient to make RNA virus genomes really big

4.55 Peter Simmonds University of Edinburgh
The origin of hepatitis C virus infections in humans - recent shocking discoveries

5.15 Drinks and snacks will be served in the meeting room foyer

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