International Society of Neglected Tropical Diseases COINFECTIONS

  • When:  Tuesday 12 February 2013
  • Time:  8.30 am - 6.15 pm
  • Location:  The Wellcome Trust
  • More information is available on the ISNTD Coinfections website
The International Society for Neglected Tropial Diseases Coinfections Conference aims to improve multidisciplinary progress in global healthcare by exploring the implications of coinfection between NTDs and other communicable diseases, and the potential for synergies from integrating healthcare across diseases.
With disease coinfection as of yet incompletely mapped, the scope of the conference will cover the lessons learned from coinfection by several NTDs and by NTDs and other diseases including TB, HIV and malaria. This is in terms of the exacerbated strain imposed by coinfection on an organism but also, in a broader sense, on healthcare systems.
Session 1:  Healthcare Advances for Coinfections
Session 2:  Resource Mobilisation Across Diseases & Patient Pool for Improved Healthcare Systems
Session 3:  Role of Animal Health in Coinfection
Session 1 will focus on the needs for the next generation of healthcare advances in NTDs given the challenges and opportunities posed by coinfection - diagnostics, vaccines and drug development.
Session 2 focuses on the partnerships, synergies and opportunities available in healthcare systems and governments to improve the resource utilisation and healthcare provision in terms of quality, access and cost. This includes synergies across diseases but also across disciplines, organisations and governments.
Session 3 extends these discussions to the sphere of animal health, a major component of NTD coinfection and a sector with major potential for NTD control.
  • 8.30 am: Registration and networking breakfast reception
  • 9.30 am:  Welcome from the ISNTD & opening address
  • 10.00 am:  Session 1 speakers
  • 10.45 am:  Coffee break
  • 11.15 am:  Session 1 panel discussion
  • 12.15 am:  Lunch
  • 1.15 pm:  Session 2 speakers
  • 2.00 pm:  Session 2 panel discussion
  • 3.00 pm:  Coffee break
  • 3.30 pm:  Session 3 speakers
  • 4.15 pm:  Session 3 panel discussion
  • 5.15 pm:  Concluding remarks
Please contact for further details including speaking & attending and sponsorship opportunities.
Subject to change.
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