Edinburgh Neuroscience Day 2013

  • When:  Wednesday 20 March 2013
  • Location:  Royal College of Physicians, Queen Street, Edinburgh
  • Register by Monday 11 March here

More information is available on the Edinburgh Neuroscience website.


8.30 a.m.
Arrival and Registration

Session 1:
Chair: Prof Peter Sandercock, Director, Edinburgh Neuroscience

9.00 Welcome
Prof Peter Sandercock, Outgoing-Director, Edinburgh Neuroscience
9.05 Title to be advised
Prof Charles ffrench-Constant, Incoming Director, Edinburgh Neuroscience
9.20 Building a better synapse…. does adding more and more proteomic data make any sense?
Prof Douglas Armstrong, School of Informatics
9.45 Real-time QuiC; a new test for Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease
Dr Alison Green, National CJD Surveillance Unit
10.10 Can antidepressants improve stroke recovery - even in people without depression?
Prof Gillian Mead, Stroke Research Group, Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences
10.35 Coffee, Posters and Art-Science exhibits
Session 2:
Chair: to be confirmed
11.10 The effect of polygenic risk for major mental illness on cognition and brain function
Dr Andrew McIntosh, Psychiatry, Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences
11.35 Reprogramming Glia with Infection Model: New Insights into Neurodegeneration and Regeneration
Prof Anura Rambukkana, MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine, Centre for Neuroregeneration and Edinbugh Infectious Diseases
12 noon Hot Topics and Breaking News
Can late-onset neurological conditions be modelled with human pluripotent stem cells?
Dr Tilo Kunarth, Centre for Neuroregeneration
The Human Brain Project
Prof Seth Grant, Centre for Clinial Brain Sciences
Edinburgh College of Art-Edinburgh Neuroscience Art-Science Competition
Prof Gordon Brennan, Head of Painting, Edinburgh College of Art
Lunch, Posters and Art Competition
Session 3:
Chair: to be confirmed
14.00 Chancellor's Fellows Session
Molecular mechanisms in cilia-related disease
Dr Toby Hurd, MRC-Human Genetics Unit
Signalling mechanisms guiding microglia: from injuries to tumours
Dr Dirk Sieger, Centre for Neuroregeneration
Decoding the visual cortex: insignts from the mouse brain
Dr Natalie Rochefort, Centre for Integrative Physiology
GABA forgotten? Inhibitory network changes in Alzheimer's disease
Dr Iris Oren, Centre for Cognitive and Neural Systems
A cognitive neuroscience apporach to studying high-level language comprehension
Dr Mante Nieuwland, Human Cognitive Neuroscience, Psychology
Session 4
Chair: to be confirmed
15.00 Cerebellar sensorimotor processing in awake behaving rodents
Dr Ian Duguid, Centre for Integrative Physiology
15.25 Tea and posters
16.00 Announcement of the Art-Science Competition winner
  Announcement of the Poster Competition winners
Presentation by Dr Peter Maycox, Takeda Cambridge Ltd
16.10 Annual Distinguished Lecture in Neuroscience
How activity changes synapses in the mammalian brain
Dr Tobias Bonhoeffer, Department of ellular and Systems Neuroscience, Max Planck Institute for Neurobiology, Germany
Introduced by Prof Richard Morris, Centre for Cognitive and Neural Systems
17.10 Poster competition winners will present their posters
17.30 Close of Meeting
19.30 Dinner at Merchants Restaurant (hosted by Neuroscience Honours Class)


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