Centre for Immunity, Infection and Evolution winter symposium: Beyond killing - new ways to manage infection

The antibiotic pipeline is running dry and the problem of infectious disease is as threatening now as it has ever been. The 21st century has seen some innovative and effective approaches to manage disease without the aid of traditional antibiotics. These include disabling virulence of the pathogenic organism, inducing tolerance to the pathogen in the host, altering the protective commensal microbiota and even psychological treatment to capitalise on the placebo effect. Important questions accompany this new endeavour. For example, what molecular mechanisms will enable these approaches and what are their long term evolutionary consequences? Please join us to collate and discuss the latest ideas in this field.

Confirmed speakers

David Schneider: Tolerance Mechanisms of tolerance to bacterial infection in Drosophila - Stanford
Miguel Soares: Mechanisms of tolerance in mice to malaria and sepsis - Portugal
Andrea Wilson: Tolerance Breeding tolerant livestock / Theory / Disease spread - Roslin Institute
Nick Humphrey: The Placebo effect Evolutionary psychology - Cambridge
Rolf Kummerli: Anti-virulence Bacterial cooperation and evolution of virulence - Zurich
Trevor Lawley: Microbiota & Virulence C. diff. Fecal transplants  - Sanger Centre Cambridge
Judi Allen: Microbiota & Immunology Inflammation control/immunopathology - Ashworth

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