Ashworth Laboratories Research Symposium 2015

  • Event:  Ashworth Symposium 2015
  • When:  Wednesday 14 January 2015
  • Time:  2- 8 pm
  • Location:  Lecture theatre 1, Appleton Tower, George Square, University of Edinburgh


Session 1 (Chair - Paul Sharp)

2.00pm  Rick Maizels - Parasites and the diseases of modernity

2.30pm  Darren Obbard - Drosophila viruses as a model for host-virus co-evolution

3.00pm  Deborah Charlesworth - Why and how do sex chromosomes evolve suppressed recombination

3.30pm  Francisca Mutapi - Paediatric schistosomiasis - time to set the children free

4.00pm  TEA

Session 2 (Chair - Alex Rowe)

4.30pm  Jarrod Hadfield - Selection and inheritance in the presence of kin interactions

5.00pm  Paul Michels - How reliance on sugar can be made bad for trypanosomes

5.30pm  Richard Ennos - Genetic variation in native trees and its ecological significance

6.00pm  SUPPER

Session 3 (Chair - Josephine Pemberton)

6.45pm  Laura Ross - Asymmetric reproductive systems in arthropods

7.15pm  Sam Rund - Once upon a time - The story of circadian clocks in biology

7.45pm  Jonathan Silvertown - Science by the people: The recent revolution in public engagement

8:15pm  Close

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