2nd ESCMID Conference on Impact of Vaccines in Public Health

  • When:  22-24 March 2013
  • Location:  Prague, Czech Republic

2nd European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Conference on Impact of Vaccines in Public Health

As part of its multifaceted approach to infections, ESCMID strives to promote vaccination and worries that the current lack of correct information among both lay public and healthcare providers might seriously undermine the efficacy of current and future vaccine campaigns. This conference will bring together world-leading experts to debate the many-sided correlations between vaccines, medicine and society at the dawn of the third millennium.

Scientific Programme

  • The role of WHO-Europe
  • The role of ECDC
  • Pneumococcal vaccines and their implementation strategy
  • Vaccines for adults
  • Paediatric and adolescent vaccination
  • Vaccines and women: more than a gender issue
  • Hepatitis
  • Vaccines for viral haemorrhagic fevers
  • Novel vaccine targets
  • Innovative vaccines for old diseases
  • Developing countries
  • Technological challenges
  • Vaccine policies

For more details of the programme and registration details please visit the conference website at http://www.escmid.org/research_projects/current_escmid_conferences/impact_of_vaccines_on_public_health/

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