Midlothian Science Festival

Edinburgh Infectious Diseases was delighted to contribute to several aspects of the Midlothian Science Festival in October 2014. 

The Midlothian Science fesitval has been growing every year since it started back in 2012.  Intitally based mainly in local libraries, this year saw the festival host over 100 events from choclate workshops to science bike rides in locations all over Midlothian.  

For our part, Edinburgh Infectious Diseases  took the Bugs and Bones workshop out to three primary schools over the course of the festival this year - Strathesk Primary in Penicuik, Loanhead Primary in Loanhead (of course!) and St David's RC Primary in Dalkeith. The children from P4-P7 had a great time exploring the wonderful skulls from our treasure chest of bones, and investigating what causes diseases, how infections are passed between animals, and what we can all do to stop infections from spreading.

These are the P6 children from St David's RC Primary in Dalkeith getting up close and personal with some of our little exhibits, e.g. seeing the space in a human skull where our brain has to fit, and learning how a lion suffocates a zebra!

The children gave us some great feedback too - here are some of the words they used to describe the workshop!

We also enjoyed our day at the "Science Alive" Gala held at the Lasswade Community Centre.  Visitors of all ages were fascinated by the bones and the other exciting science on display.  Seeing a child's eyes light up in amazement when they ge tto hold a real skulls, and not just look at it, really empahsises the importance of takign science and research out of the University and into the community, to inspire and encouarge the next generation.

Some of the over 500 visitors that came to the Gala day at Lasswade.

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