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Alphabetical listing of all Edinburgh Infectious Diseases members

We have recently said goodbye to Prof Andrew MacDonald and Prof Eric Fèvre, who have moved onto the Universities of Manchester and Liverpool respectively.  We wish them all good fortune in their new endeavours ! 

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Dr Rosalind J ALLEN Biological & Soft Condensed Matter Physics JCMB, KB
Dr Lesley ALLISON Scottish E. coli O157/VTEC Reference lab Chancellor's Building, LF
Dr Kenneth AMAESHI Engagement of sustainable business with global health agenda Edinburgh Business School
Prof Stephen ANDERTON Autoimmunity & immune regulation CIR, QMRI, LF
Prof David ARNOT Malaria, epidemiology & immune responses IIIR, Darwin Building, KB
Dr. Anne ASTIER Immunology of multiple sclerosis CIR QMRI, LF
Dr Till BACHMANN Pathogen detection technologies Pathway Medicine, LF
Dr Keith BALLINGALL Immunogenetics, MHC function and diversity in livestock Moredun Research Institute
Prof Paul BARLOW The complement system & the immune response Chemistry, KB
Dr Peter BARLOW Host defence peptides in viral respiratory infection Edinburgh Napier University
Dr Pip BEARD Poxviruses modulation and pathogenesis The Roslin Institute
Dr Cecile BENEZECH Immune cells and the control of metabolism in adipose tissue CVS, LF
Prof Clare BLACKBURN Developmental immunology and Leishmania SCRM, LF
Dr Garry BLAKELY Anaerobic bacteria of the gastrointestinal tract ISMB, Darwin Building, KB
Prof Mark BLAXTER Pathogen genomics IEB, Ashworth Labs, KB
Prof Mark BRADLEY Polymer microarrays Chemistry, KB
Prof Jeremy BRADSHAW Molecular biophysics R(D)SVS, Roslin
Dr Janice BRAMHAM Structural biology and complement ISMB, Swann Building, KB
Dr Helen BRIDLE Detection of waterborne pathogens Heriot Watt University
Dr Mark BRONSVOORT Epidemiology of animal infections The Roslin Institute
Dr Amy BUCK Small RNAs in viral infection & host response IIIR, Ashworth Labs, KB
Prof Dave BURT Genetics and genomics of avian host responses to pathogen infections The Roslin Institute
Dr Christine CAMPBELL Primary care in cancer, inc. HPV vaccination and cervical cancer screening CPHS, TP
Prof Harry CAMPBELL Genetic epidemiology and child health CPHS, TP
Dr Dominic CAMPOPIANO Enzymology, innate immunity and antibiotics Chemistry, KB
Dr David CAVANAGH Malaria immunobiology and vaccines IIIR, Ashworth Labs, KB
Dr Francesca CHIANINI Infectious disease of livestock Moredun Research Institute
Dr Nick COLEGRAVE Experimental evolution of microbes IEB, Ashworth Labs, KB
Dr Sinead COLLINS Experimental evolution of microbes IEB, Ashworth Labs, KB
Dr Alex CORBISHLEY Vaccine performance and development in ruminants R(D)SVS, The Roslin Institute
Dr Chris COUSENS Viral pathogenesis and respiratory infection Moredun Research Institute
Prof Heather CUBIE Papillomavirology & molecular diagnostics CRH, LF
Dr Kate Cuscheiri Director Scottish HPV reference lab RIE, LF
Dr Emma CUNNINGHAM Maternal effects in host-pathogen interactions IEB, Ashworth Labs, KB
Dr Bob DALZIEL Herpes and influenza viruses The Roslin Institute

Host defence peptides in infection/inflammation

Dr Susan DEWAR Pathogenicity determinants of Arcobacter species Heriot Watt University
Dr Kev DHALIWAL Tuberculosis and pulmonary infection CIR, QMRI, LF
Prof Paul DIGARD Influenza virus replication and pathogenesis The Roslin Institute
Prof Julia DORIN Innate immunity and role of host defence peptides Inst. Genetics and Mol. Medicine
Prof Ian DRANSFIELD Regulation of leukocyte function CIR, QMRI, LF
Dr Bernadette DUTIA Herpes and influenza viruses The Roslin Institute
Dr Meriem El Karoui Role of DNA maintenance process on bacterial growth and evolution Institute of Cell Biology
Prof Gary ENTRICAN Infectious diseases of ruminants Moredun Research Institute
Prof Tonks FAWCETT Sepsis, Infection control & behaviour School of Health in Social Science
Dr Imali FERNANDO Sexually transmitted infections and HIV in pregnancy Chalmers Sexual Health Centre
Dr Linda FIBIGER Lecturer in Human Osteoarchaeology History, Classics & Archaeology, UofE
Prof Ross FITZGERALD Evolution & pathogenesis of Staphylococci The Roslin Institute
Dr Douglas FRASER-PITT Host-pathogen interactions and novel therapeutic Edinburgh Napier University
Dr Andrew FREE Microbial communities and their applications in biotechnology and medicine ICB, Darwin Building, KB
Dr Tom FREEMAN Macrophage systems biology and microarrays The Roslin Institute

Bacterial pathogens and microbial technology

ICB, Darwin Building, KB
Prof David GALLY Bacterial zoonotic diseases The Roslin Institute
Prof Peter GHAZAL Viral and immune genomics Pathway Medicine, LF
Dr Andrew GILL Prions and protein misfolding The Roslin Institute
Dr Linda GILMORE Drug discovery against trypanosomatid parasites ISMB, KB
Dr Simon GIRLING Wild animal disease and health screening Royal Zoological Society of Scotland
Prof Liz GLASS Veterinary immunogenetics & genomics The Roslin Institute
Dr Wilfred GOLDMANN Molecular genetics of prion diseases The Roslin Institute
Prof David GRAY Fundamental immunology IIIR, Ashworth Labs, KB
Dr Mohini GRAY Resolution of inflammation CIR, LF
Dr Nicola GRAY Tranaslational control by viruses CRH, LF
Dr Finn GREY Viral micro-RNA function The Roslin Institute
Dr David GRIFFITHS Pathogenesis of respiratory viruses of livestock Moredun Research Institute
Dr Sam GRIFFITHS Virus-host interactions that control innate immunity Division of Pathway Medicine
Prof Jürgen HAAS Herpesviruses, systems virology Pathway Medicine, LF
Dr Ian HARPER Global health policy Social Anth.
Dr Adam HILL Respiratory infections in humans, esp. bronchiectasis Dept. Respiratory Medicine, LF
Prof Aisha HOLLOWAY Public health & alcohol related harm School of Health in Social Sciences
Dr Jayne HOPE Anti-mycobacterial immunity The Roslin Institute
Prof John HOPKINS Pathophysiology and immunology of infection The Roslin Institute
Dr Andrew HORNE Chlamydial infection in the aetiology of ectopic pregnancy CRH, LF
Dr Jos HOUDIJK Nutrition and immunity to parasites SRUC, Roslin
Prof Sarah HOWIE Immune responses to genital HPV infection CIR, LF
Prof David HUME Macrophage biology and gene function The Roslin Institute
Dr Paul HUNT Genetics of drug resistance in malaria IIIR, Ashworth Labs, KB
Prof Mike HUTCHINGS Disease Systems SRUC, Roslin
Prof Lee INNES Protozoal parasites and animal health Moredun Research Institute
Dr Donald INVERARITY Invasive pneumococcal diseases RIE, LF
Prof James IRONSIDE Pathology of prion diseases NCJDRSU, WGH
Dr Steve JENKINS Inflammation and macrophage diversity CIR, LF
Dr Ingo JOHANNESSEN Epstein-Barr virus & B-cells Pathway Medicine, LF
Prof Peter KAISER Host-pathogen interactions in birds Roslin Institute
Dr Pamela KNIGHT Mucosal immunity R(D)SVS, Roslin
Prof David KNOX Immunity and vaccines to nematode parasites Moredun Research Institute
Dr Oliver Koch Clinical management of infection; tropical & travel medicine Western General Hospital
Dr Ian LAURENSON Mycobacterial infections & solid organ transplant patients with infection SMRL, LF
Prof Clifford LEEN Clinical presentation and therapy of HIV and HCV ID, WGH
Prof Andrew LEIGH-BROWN Molecular evolution of HIV IEB, Ashworth Labs, KB
Dr Andreas LENGELING Genetics of host resistance to infection (Streptococci & Listeria) The Roslin Institute
Prof Tom LITTLE Evolutionary biology of host-parasite interactions IEB, Ashworth Labs, KB
Prof Gary LOAKE Plant innate immunity IMPS, Rutherford Bldg, KB
Dr Neil MABBOTT Immunopathogenesis of prion diseases The Roslin Institute
Prof Jean MANSON

Prion Diseases, TSEs, Neurobiology

The Roslin Institute
Dr Rebecca MARSLAND Ethnography of malaria and HIV/AIDS Social Anth.
Prof Jacqui MATTHEWS Nematodes of horses & ruminants Moredun Research Institute
Prof Keith MATTHEWS Trypanosome biology & development IIIR, Ashworth Labs, KB
Prof Ian MAUDLIN Vector biology & tropical diseases R(D)SVS, Roslin
Dr Tom McNEILLY Ruminant helminth and bacterial infections Moredun Research Institute
Dr Henry MCSORLEY Immune system supression by parasitic worms Centre for Inflammation Research
Prof Paul MICHELS Metabolism of trypanosomatid parasites and drug discovery ISMB, KB
Dr Olga Moncayo Dynamics of bacterial colonoisation in humans RIE, LF
Dr Donald MORRISON Epidemiology of antibiotic resistant hospital pathogens in the non-clinical environment Napier University
Dr Liam MORRISON Disease progression in trypanosome infections The Roslin Institute
Prof Ivan MORRISON Theileria genetics & immunology The Roslin Institute
Dr Francisca MUTAPI Immune responses in schistosomiasis IIIR, Ashworth Labs, KB
Dr Alex NADING Public health approaches to vector borne & microbial diseases in Latin America Social & Political Science, Chrystal Macmillian
Dr Harish NAIR Childhood pneumonia and viral respiratory infections CPHS, TP
Prof Tony NASH Herpesvirus pathogenesis, immunty & evasion The Roslin Institute
Dr Alasdair NISBET Vaccines against nematode parasites Moredun Research Institute
Dr Dan NUSSEY Immune variation in wild populations IEB, Ashworth Labs, KB
Dr Darren OBBARD Drosophila viruses and antiviral defences IEB, Ashworth Labs, KB
Prof Karl OPARKA Plant viruses IMPS, Rutherford Bldg, KB
Prof Tanja OPRIESSNIG Infectious disease in pigs:  diagnostics, pathogenesis, prevention and control The Roslin Institute
Dr Amy PEDERSEN Ecology of multiple infection in wild animals IEB, Ashworth Labs, KB
Prof Josephine PEMBERTON Evolution of parasite resistance IEB, Ashworth Labs, KB
Dr Juraj PETRIK Transfusion transmitted infection SNBTS, EGR
Dr Kim PICOZZI Molecular diagnosis of trypanosomiasis Pathway Medicine, LF
Dr Teuta PILIZOTA Effects of osmotic changes on bacterial growth and survival ICB, Darwin Building, KB
Dr Alexandre POTOCNIK Compartmentalisation of hematopoietic cells by adhesion molecules and chemokines IIIR, Ashworth Labs, KB
Prof Ian POXTON Clostridia, Bacteroides & equine grass sickness SBMS, LF
Dr Sandeep RAMALINGAM Clinical viral hepatitis and diagnosis of viral infections Clinical Sciences and Community Health, RIE
Prof Andrew RAMBAUT Molecular evolution of RNA viruses IEB, Ashworth Labs, KB
Prof Anura RAMBUKKANA Bacterial-induced host cell reprogramming CNR, SCRM, LF
Dr Sarah REECE Evolution of parastite transmission strategies IEB, Ashworth Labs, KB
Prof Adriano ROSSI In vitro and in vivo inflammation resolution mechanisms CIR, QMRI
Prof Alex ROWE Genetics & pathogenesis of malaria IIIR, Ashworth Labs, KB
Dr Douglas ROY Infectious Diseases Honours Course Organiser Pathway Medicine
Prof Neil SARGISON Ruminant helminth control and anthelmintic resistance R(D)SVS
Dr Nick SAVILL Mathematical modelling of host-pathogen interactions IIIR, Ashworth Labs, KB
Dr Achim SCHNAUFER Molecular biology of trypanosomes IIIR, Ashworth Labs, KB
Prof Jürgen SCHWARZE Immunology of respiratory viral infections CIR, QMRI, LF
Dr Tammie SCHNEIDERS Meechanisms of antimicrobial resistance DPM, LF
Dr Colin SHARP New and emerging viruses The Roslin Institute
Prof Paul SHARP Evolution of viruses, bacteria and Plasmodium IEB, Ashworth Labs, KB
Dr Darren SHAW Veterinary clinical epidemiology R(D)SVS, Roslin
Dr Devi SRIDHAR Global politics of public health School of Political Science
Prof James SMITH Evolution of medical and veterinary research into trypanosomiasis in Africa Centre for African Studies
Dr Philip SPENCE Plasmodium virulence and immunity to malaria IIIR, Ashworth Labs, KB
Dr Steven SPOEL Molecular plant immunity IMPS, Rutherford Building
Dr Craig STEVENS Role of autophagy in infection & immunity Biomedical Science & Microbiology, Napier University
Prof Mark STEVENS Molecular virulence of bacterial pathogens The Roslin Institute
Dr Jo STEVENS Cell biology of Burkholderia The Roslin Institute
Dr John STEWART Innate immunity & novel antimicrobial agents SBMS, LF
Dr Alice STREET Material politics of global health, with a focus on Papua New Guinea and South India. School of Social & Political Science
Dr Rebecca SUTHERLAND Clinical management of infection and antimicrobial stewardship Western General Hospital
Dr Simon TALBOT Pathogenesis and therapy of virus infections Pathway Medicine, LF
Prof David TAYLOR Helminth vaccine development Pathway Medicine, LF
Dr Matthew TAYLOR Immunity, regulation & helminths IIIR, Ashworth Labs, KB
Dr Kate TEMPLETON Respiratory pathogens and their diagnosis RIE, LF
Dr Joanne THOMPSON Malaria molecular biology IIIR, Ashworth Labs, KB
Dr Pedro VALE Individual-level variation in host defence systems IEB, KB
Prof José VAZQUEZ-BOLAND Bacterial intracellular pathogens Roslin Institute
Dr Bartek WACLAW Biophysics-microbial evolution & Cancer JCMB, KB
Dr Alan WALKER Vector borne disease of livestock R(D)SVS, Roslin
Prof Malcolm WALKINSHAW Structural biology & drug design ISMB, Swann Building, KB
Dr Michael WATSON Genomics and transcriptomics for animal health The Roslin Institute
Dr Martin WEAR Production and biophyscial characterisation of pathogen proteins ISMB, Swann Building, KB
Prof Sue WELBURN Molecular epidemiology of trypanosomiasis Pathway Medicine, LF
Dr David WILKS HIV and community acquired infection ID, WGH
Prof Moira WHYTE Innate immune cell apoptosis in chronic inflammatory lung disease CIR, LF
Prof Bob WILL Creutzfeld-Jakob and other prion diseases NCJDSU, WGH
Dr Alistair WILLIAMS HPV-related lower genital tract cancers CRH, LF
Dr Kim WILLOUGHBY Cattle respiratory disease and emerging diseases of livestock Moredun Scientific
Dr Andrea WILSON

Mathematical modelling of host-pathogen interactions

The Roslin Institute

Prof Mark WOOLHOUSE Veterinary & human epidemiology IEB, Ashworth Labs, KB
Prof Ruth ZADOKS Livestock infectious disease epidemiology Moredun Research Institute
Dr Dietmar ZAISS Role of EGF in regulation of the immune system IIIR, Ashworth Labs, KB
Prof Rose ZAMOYSKA T cell development & regulation IIIR, Ashworth Labs, KB


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