Edinburgh Virology Group

Edinburgh Virology Group Winter Semester Seminars

Seminars to be held at 4 pm in the Roslin Institute basement or ground floor seminar rooms


2 February 2017     

  • Title:  Picornavirus entry and uncoating: how an internal capsid protein can be a target for neutralising antibodies
  • Speaker:  Toby Tuthill, Pirbright Institute
  • Host: Bernadette Dutia

16 February 2017     

  • Title:  Regulation of RNA processing and RIG-I/interferon pathway by a novel RNA-binding protein Trim25
  • Speaker:  Gracjan Michlewski, University of Edinburgh
  • Host: Finn Grey

2 March 2017     

  • Title:  28 Hours Later: Vaccinia-Induced Cell Motility Facilitates Virus Spread
  • Speaker:  Jason Mercer, University College London
  • Host: Christine Burkhard

16 March 2017     

  • Title:  The Elusive T cell vaccine: Lessons from Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus
  • Speaker:  Bill Golde, Moredun Institute
  • Host: Christine Burkhard

30 March 2017     

  • Title:  Activity and Regulation of the antiviral dNTPase SAMHD1: mechanisms and cellular consequences
  • Speaker:  Harriet Groom, Cambridge University
  • Host: Paul Digard

13 April 2017     

  • Title:  Understanding the role of cellular ion channels during virus infection
  • Speaker:  Jamel Mankouri, University of Leeds
  • Host: Finn Grey

27 April 2017     

  • Title:  TBA
  • Speaker:  Yohei Yamauchi, University of Bristol
  • Host: Bob Dalziel


14 January 2016        

  • Title:  Marek’s disease: The road from miasma to model
  • Speaker:  Keith Jarosinski University of Iowa
  • Host: Paul Digard

28 January 2016        

  • Title:  Immune mechanisms determining the host viral profiles: a modelling contribution to PRRSv infection
  • Speaker:  Natacha Go, The Roslin Institute
  • Host: Andrea Wilson

11 February 2016                 

  • Title:  Interferons, paramyxoviruses and host cell interactions: molecular mechanisms and biological consequences
  • Speaker:  Rick Randall, University of St Andrews
  • Host:  Finn Grey

25 February 2016     

  • Title:  HCMV: Rebuilding a clinical virus in vitro
  • Speaker:  Rich Stanton, University of Cardiff
  • Host: Finn Grey

10 March 2016                      

  • Title:  Cathelicidins -  modulators of host defence against viral & bacterial lung disease
  • Speaker:  Donald Davidson, University of Edinburgh
  • Host: Bernadette Dutia

28 April 2016            

  • Title:  Studying foot-and-mouth disease virus out-with high-containment facilities using a fluorescent replicon system
  • Speaker:  Fiona Tulloch
  • Host: Jürgen Haas

Attendance is compulsory for postgraduate virology students

Contact: Finn Grey (finn.grey@roslin.ed.ac.uk, 0131 651 9241)

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