About Edinburgh Infectious Diseases

Organisation of Edinburgh Infectious Diseases 

Edinburgh Infectious Diseases brings together over 170 Principal Investigators and over 860 active researchers across the spectrum of infectious disease science and clinical medicine at Edinburgh; while most Edinburgh Infectious Diseases members are based at one of the three larger sites (King's Buildings, Little France and the Roslin Institute), significant numbers are located at other centres including the Western General Hospital, Teviot Place and associated bodies such as the Moredun Institute, and Edinburgh Napier and Heriot Watt Universities.  Edinburgh Infectious Diseases also includes members of the Wellcome Trust-funded Centre for Immunity, Infection and Evolution.

L to R:  Ashworth Labs, Kings Buildings; Roslin Institute, Easter Bush; Queen's Medical Research Institute, Little France; Chrystal Macmillan Building, George Square; Edinburgh Napier University, Sighthill; Moredun Reseearch Institute, Easter Bush

New initiatives in infectious diseases research

There have been major new initiatives in infectious disease across the University and associated Institutes.  Edinburgh now hosts one of the greatest critical masses of infectious disease researchers in the UK, and indeed globally.  

Day-to-day research and teaching of infectious diseases is carried out within specialised units in individual locations. The focus of Edinburgh Infectious Diseases is on long-range and strategic issues affecting infectious disease research, promoting high-level collaboration and cohesion between basic, clinical and veterinary scientists, together with leaders in key disciplines such as genomics, genetics, immunology, cell biology and epidemiology.

Edinburgh Infectious Diseases is funded by contributions from the University Colleges of Science and Engineering, Medicine & Veterinary Medicine and Arts, Humanities and Social Science.  It is run by an Executive Committee drawn from across the various sites, and administered by a full time Executive Manager.

We are one of the largest concentration of infectious diseases researchers in Europe

In a census of Edinburgh Infectious Diseases in January 2014 there were over 760 people working in our laboratories, with almost 200 postdocs and over 270 PhD students!  There are also over 125 Masters students on a variety of online and on-campus courses*.

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